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Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

The mistreatment of senior citizens does not get the same level of media attention as other forms of abuse, but it is a persistent problem in our country. A 2001 study estimated that over 5,000 nursing homes were reported for abuse in only a two year period. In over 1,600 of these nursing homes, the abuse violations were so serious that residents were actually harmed or placed in immediate jeopardy of death or serious injury.

Suspected nursing home abuse should never be taken lightly. If you think someone you love is being neglected or otherwise hurt by his or her caretakers, a full investigation needs to be conducted. Washington nursing home abuse attorneys Fuller & Fuller can help you understand your full rights and responsibilities in this difficult situation. Contact us at 1-800-570-4878.

Important Warning Signs

Abuse and neglect can take many different forms, some of them easier to recognize than others. You should speak with a Washington nursing home abuse attorney if you have noticed any of the following while visiting a loved one in residential care:

Many abused nursing home residents do not receive the help they need until a friend or relative speaks out for them. Potential warning signs should never be overlooked.

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Washington nursing home abuse attorney Fuller & Fuller have years of experience protecting the rights of abuse victims and their families. To learn how we can help you, contact our offices today at 1-800-570-4878.

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