As of December 16th, 2010, the FDA has begun the process to remove breast cancer as a condition for which Avastin can be prescribed.  Avastin was conditionally approved for use in treating metastatic breast cancer in 2008.  However, in July 2010, an independent committee reviewed the data and voted 12 – 1 to remove the breast cancer indication from Avastin’s label.  The committee noted that later studies showed Avastin did not prolong overall survival.

Avastin use has been associated with serious and even life-threatening side effects.  The FDA committee has determined that the risks of taking Avastin for breast cancer treatment outweigh the possible benefits of its use.  Avastin is still FDA-approved for treatment of certain other cancers (advanced colon and lung, kidney and brain).

For further information on the FDA’s decision, you can read the full statement here.