Delayed Treatment Lawyers

In every medical case, prompt and accurate treatment is necessary for the quickest and best possible recovery. However, immediate treatment is not always administered to ailing patients. In some cases, this delay in treatment causes no lasting damage. However, in other situations, the patient may suffer very serious consequences as a result. Delayed treatment can prolong an already difficult recovery, cause permanent disability, or even result in death.

The Spokane delayed treatment lawyers understand how difficult it is for you to suffer from a delay in treatment. We strive to provide you with the legal support you need to claim compensation for your suffering. To learn more, call us today at 800-570-4878.

Inexcusable Delays in Treatment

Often, patients do not receive immediate treatment for their medical problems. Sometimes, this happens because the doctor is unable to diagnose the patient, or because the necessary means of treatment are unavailable. For example, a doctor may not be able to diagnose a patient who explains his or her symptoms in a very general manner. Or, a patient may not be able to receive a needed transplant because there are no organs available at the time.

Other times, however, treatment may be delayed for inexcusable reasons, such as the following:

  • Unreasonably delayed diagnosis
  • Failure to read test or x-ray results properly
  • Failure to respond to an emergency situation promptly
  • Miscommunications or failure to document
  • Failure to monitor in-hospital patients

If you or someone you love has suffered from one of these inexcusable delays in treatment, then you may be able to recover damages. The Spokane delay in treatment lawyers of Fuller & Fuller can help you make an effective claim.

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If you have lost someone you love because a physician or treatment center failed to administer timely treatment, then you have the right to demand damages. The Spokane delayed treatment lawyers of Fuller & Fuller can provide you with the experienced representation you need to collect compensation for your loss. To speak with an attorney about your legal options, contact our offices at 800-570-4878.