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When you visit the doctor with a medical problem, you expect to be properly diagnosed and administered appropriate care. However, sometimes, miscommunications or misjudgments can result in the administration of improper treatment. Unfortunately, these errors have the potential to cause serious harm or even result in the death of an innocent patient.

The Spokane improper treatment lawyers of Fuller & Fuller understand the tragic effects that improper treatment can have. If you have lost someone you love to improper treatment, then you may be able to recover damages. To get the strong legal support you need, call our offices today at 800-570-4878.

What is improper treatment?

A patient becomes a victim of improper treatment if he or she is given the wrong treatment for his or her medical condition. It can result from an incorrect diagnosis, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, patients who are properly diagnosed still receive the wrong type of care. Improper treatment can occur due to miscommunications, misjudgments, a prescription error, or a doctor error.

Some improper treatment examples include the following:

  • Performing the wrong surgical procedure on a patient
  • Performing treatment on the wrong extremity or area of the body
  • Giving the patient the wrong medication

If you have been a victim of improper treatment, then the Spokane incorrect treatment attorneys of Fuller & Fuller can help you recover compensation.

The Consequences of Improper Treatment

Unfortunately, in some cases, even the smallest errors in treatment can have monumental consequences. Even if the direct results of improper treatment are not harmful to the patient, the delay in correct treatment caused by this mistake can be very detrimental. In particular, patients suffering from heart attacks, head injuries, cancer, spinal cord injuries, and bleeding problems will pay dearly for their doctor’s negligence.

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If you or someone you love has suffered the devastating effects of improper treatment, then you deserve to claim damages from the responsible party. The Spokane improper treatment lawyers of Fuller & Fuller can provide you with the legal representation you need to seek compensation. To speak with an attorney about your legal options, contact us today at 800-570-4878.