Nursing Home Abuse

Alarmingly, approximately 30% of all nursing home facilities in the United States have been cited for abusing their patients in some form or fashion. This high number can make it quite difficult for you to select a caring and trustworthy home for your loved one. Even those who investigate carefully may still be fooled into selecting an abusive nursing home for their elderly family members.

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Watch for These Warning Signs

Patients who are victims of abuse or neglect will often exhibit clear warning signs that something is wrong. If you are unsure about what to watch for, familiarize yourself with the following list of abuse symptoms:

  • Changes in behavior – being abnormally subdued or timid
  • Childlike behavior, like rocking or sucking
  • Acting unusually mean and aggressive toward others
  • Sudden fluctuation in weight
  • Unexplained injuries, ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones
  • Patient is under heavy sedation every time you visit
  • Nursing home looks run-down, unsanitary, or unsafe
  • Patients who appear to be afraid of the staff

If you notice that your loved one is behaving out of the norm or has unexplained physical marks on his or her body, then abuse or neglect may be taking place. Even if you aren’t certain that mistreatment has occurred, you should take immediate action toward investigating the situation further.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is shockingly common in the United States. You can do your part to help halt this devastating practice. Call the Spokane nursing home abuse lawyers of Fuller & Fuller at 800-570-4878 to learn more.

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