Delayed Treatment

Hospitals are busy places. Anyone with a pressing medical concern will visit one of these institutions for immediate assessment and treatment. Therefore, they often seem to be bursting at the seams with patients. However, no matter how busy a hospital may be, its workers need to prioritize patients based on the seriousness of their conditions and treat them accordingly. When this doesn’t happen, dangerous and life-threatening delays in treatment may occur.

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Why do treatment delays happen?

Hospitals need efficiency and capable, competent workers in order to deliver timely treatment to all hurting patients. Unfortunately, however, not all institutions boast these attributes. Hospitals that possess inexcusable and dangerous inefficiencies are more prone to making the following, treatment-delaying errors:

  • Incorrect diagnoses
  • Failure to monitor patients adequately
  • Mishandling important charts and documents
  • Miscommunications between physicians
  • Inexcusably long wait times for incoming patients
  • Failure to properly read test results

Patients who are suffering from particularly aggressive conditions are placed in serious danger when there are delays in their treatment. Delays in cancer, HIV, stroke, heart attack, and psychological treatments can make the difference between life and death.

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