Pharmaceutical Error

These days, there seems to be an over-the-counter or prescription drug to treat just about any medical problem – ranging from simple muscle pain to aggressive and deadly illnesses. While today’s medications can cure a number of conditions, they can also be quite dangerous. If a patient is delivered the wrong medicine, given incorrect dosage instructions, or is even prescribed poorly-interacting drugs, then he or she may suffer devastating consequences.

The Tacoma pharmaceutical error lawyers of Fuller & Fuller understand the tragic repercussions of a pharmacy mistake. Our attorneys are ready to help you fight for the damages that you, as a victim, deserve. To learn more, call our offices at 800-570-4878.

Deadly Medication Mistakes

When we are prescribed a medication by a health care professional, we expect for it to help us recover. If a mistake is made, however, we are put at risk. Pharmacy errors can result in overdosing, under-dosing, or having a poor reaction to the ingested medicine. All of these consequences may be deadly, depending on the situation.

The Tacoma pharmacy error attorneys of Fuller & Fuller can help you take legal action over any of the following pharmaceutical matters:

  • Drug Side Effects
  • Incorrect Labeling
  • Incorrect Dosage
  • Incorrect Prescription
  • Drug Interactions and Complications
  • Fosamax

Typically, pharmacy errors are the result of negligence on behalf of either the doctor or the pharmacist. As such, these mistakes are therefore considered to be inexcusable. If you have lost someone you love to a deadly pharmacy error, you deserve damages. Call our offices at 800-570-4878 to discuss your options with an experienced lawyer.

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If you or someone you love has suffered injury, illness, or disability from a negligent medication mistake, then you deserve to claim compensation. The Tacoma medical malpractice lawyers of Fuller & Fuller can help you recover damages. To speak with us about your situation, contact our offices today at 800-570-4878.