Birth Injury Lawyer

Many people would rather avoid the topic of serious birth injuries. It is rarely mentioned in the media or in everyday conversations. This may be because birth injuries are rare in the US, or simply because people do not like to think about this painful subject. However, severe injuries do occur during childbirth, and the people affected by them do not have the luxury of pretending otherwise.

At the offices of Washington birth injury lawyers Fuller & Fuller, we have seen the long-term impact that birth injuries can have on children and their parents. We are committed to minimizing the damage done by helping these families win the compensation they deserve. Contact our offices at 800-570-4878 to learn how we could help you.

Types of Birth Injuries

When OB-GYN doctors and support staff fail to take proper precautions, newborns can suffer from a wide variety of harmful injuries. Our Washington birth injury attorneys can represent your family if your child has suffered from a birth injury such as:

Determining Responsibility

Sometimes birth injuries are caused by genetic conditions, or by health complications that arise without warning. In other words, they are not always the fault of medical workers. However, many tragic injuries have been caused by medical staff who failed to monitor a mother’s condition, followed incorrect protocol, or made some other fully-preventable mistake.

When a medical worker or hospital is found responsible for an injury, they can also be held responsible for related expenses. An experienced Washington birth injury lawyer can inform you about receiving compensation for medical bills, lost work, and other losses.

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