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Children are at a higher risk than adults for a variety of injuries and illnesses. Their natural curiosity, lack of knowledge about personal safety, and immature development all make them vulnerable to potentially life-threatening health conditions. Unfortunately, when children are taken in for treatment of these conditions, they are also at a special risk for major injuries related to medical malpractice.

If your child has been hurt by a negligent healthcare worker, you need to know about all of your legal rights and responsibilities. Washington children’s medical malpractice attorneys Fuller & Fuller have been working with injured children and their families for over 30 years. Call our offices at 1-800-570-4878 for the legal advice you need.

Unique Difficulties Faced by Children

We all face the risk of certain injuries when we undergo medical treatment, even if that risk is generally very small. However, young children receiving medical care may be especially vulnerable to medical errors in a variety of ways, including:

  • Higher susceptibility to infection and other complications
  • Difficulty communicating symptoms to doctors
  • Increased chances of being ignored or not taken seriously
  • Inability to fully understand their health concerns or treatment options

If your child has suffered from a serious injury caused by a negligent doctor, Washington medical malpractice children’s injuries lawyers Fuller & Fuller want to help your family recover from this difficult ordeal. We will provide the insightful advice and aggressive representation you will need at every step of the complex legal process.

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Fair compensation can help you cover the expenses of your child’s necessary treatment, as well as ease the other financial burdens that can be associated with medical errors. For important information that can help you and your family, contact Washington children injury lawyer Fuller & Fuller at 1-800-570-4878.