Delayed Treatment Lawyers

For the best medical outcome possible, every condition should be treated as quickly as possible. For some less severe conditions, the primary concern is limiting the patient’s uncomfortable symptoms. For major health problems, however, receiving treatment in a timely fashion is often a matter of life or death.

If you have been badly injured, or have lost a loved one to a health problem that was not treated in time, you may have legal grounds to take action against the responsible parties. Washington delayed treatment attorneys Fuller & Fuller can provide the important legal information you need to accomplish this. Call our offices at 800-570-4878.

Causes of Delayed Treatment

Efficiency needs to be a top priority in hospitals and clinics. Otherwise medical workers can begin making seemingly simple mistakes that can lead to severe health complications for their patients. Some of the distressingly common mistakes that contribute to treatment delays include:

  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Bureaucratic errors (mistakes on a patient’s chart, miscommunication between workers, etc)
  • Excessive wait times for appointments or in waiting rooms
  • Failure to monitor patients adequately
  • Failure to respond to emergencies quickly enough

There may be many reasons for delays in treatment, but there are no excuses. When healthcare providers fail to meet professional standards of care, they become legally responsible for the harm patients suffer as a result. The lawyers at Fuller & Fuller can tell you more.

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Delays in treatment can cause lasting disabilities, financial complications, and even wrongful death. If you or a member of your family has suffered from a condition that should have been treated sooner, contact the attorneys at Fuller & Fuller at 800-570-4878.