Emergency Room Error Lawyer

The challenge working in an emergency room is to treat patients efficiently while still offering each one the observant, high-quality care they need. Hospital executives must be aware of this challenge and must take steps to make sure their emergency rooms are run as well as possible. When emergency rooms are poorly organized, their workers can make errors that create potential disasters for their patients.

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Tragic Mistakes

In the fast-paced setting of an emergency room, even a small and seemingly minor mistake can create severe problems for a patient. This is why people who work in this kind of environment are carefully trained to notice details about patients and act on them quickly. When they fail to follow reasonable standards of conduct, injured or ill patients pay the price.

Contact a Washington emergency room error attorney if you or a member of your family has suffered from preventable negligence like:

  • Failing to recognize a critical condition;
  • Prescribing or administering the wrong drugs;
  • Failing to recognize drug interactions, allergies, or other complications;
  • Permitting an unreasonable delay in seeing or treating a patient;
  • Failing to communicate adequately with other emergency room workers;

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