Facial Paralysis Birth Injury Lawyers

The occurrence of a birth injury has the potential to remove all joy that is present on the day of your baby’s birth. Doctors should be well-trained in how to handle and make the best decisions regarding dangerous and unexpected birth situations, but sometimes they may experience moments of negligence. When this happens, the baby is at risk of suffering physical damage that may result in permanent disability. One of the worst birth injuries a child can suffer is facial paralysis. Often times, this damage occurs at the time of delivery.

In many cases, birth injuries could have been avoided with the use of proper care. If your child has suffered a birth injury, you may be eligible to claim compensation for this tragic incident. The Washington facial paralysis birth injury lawyers of Fuller & Fuller have dedicated themselves to helping individuals in situations like yours. Call our offices today at 800-570-4878 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Causes of Birth Injuries

There are numerous causes of birth trauma, most of which affect the child at the time of delivery. Your physician should be fully aware of the risks associated with the following factors, and should take the proper precautions necessary to protect the infant:

  • Large infant size or weight
  • Abnormally shaped birth canal
  • Abnormally long labor or pregnancy
  • Use of forceps

Use of certain medications during the birth process

If your doctor does not take the proper steps necessary to protect your child from potential complications associated with the above risks, he or she may suffer unnecessary injury or disability at the time of birth. Contact the Washington facial paralysis birth injury lawyers of Fuller & Fuller right away if your child has been a victim of one of these terrible incidents.

Symptoms of Facial Paralysis

Children inflicted with facial paralysis will typically exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Inability to fully close eyelid
  • Uneven look to the face when crying or contorting the face
  • Uneven movement of mouth while crying
  • Inability to move part of the face

If your child shows any of the above signs of paralysis, seek medical help immediately.

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If one of your children has sustained a facial paralysis birth injury, you may have a right to claim damages from the responsible party. Contact the Washington facial paralysis birth injury lawyers of Fuller & Fuller today at 800-570-4878 to speak with one of our experienced and capable attorneys.