Improper Treatment Lawyers

Quality healthcare requires a dialogue between the patient and the doctor. Doctors need to provide relevant information to the best of their abilities, while patients need to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking second opinions when necessary. Unfortunately, many patients feel pressured to obey their doctors and other medical staff even when they commit errors.

One of the most egregious kinds of medical malpractice is improper treatment. This term applies when an error is made at any point during the prescription or administration of a medical treatment. If you or someone you love has been hurt by this kind of oversight, Washington incorrect treatment lawyers Fuller & Fuller can help. Contact our offices today at 800-570-4878.

Defining Improper Treatment

Legally, a course of treatment is not considered improper if it simply fails to work. After all, medical science is far from perfect. Rather, medical workers can be held liable for their patients’ injuries if they fail to meet current standards for their fields. The question in an improper treatment claim is: did the defendant do what a reasonable person in his or her position would?

Some examples of possible Washington improper treatment claims include:

  • Doctors prescribing treatments they know or should know are not effective
  • Reasonably avoidable drug interactions or allergic reactions
  • Administering the incorrect drug or dosage to a patient
  • Failure to respond to a change in a patient’s status

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Compensation for improper treatment can cover your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages if you missed work while recovering. For more information, contact Washington improper treatment lawyers Fuller & Fuller at 800-570-4878.