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Drug are available on the market today to relieve nearly any kind of physical or psychological condition. In many ways, we are lucky to live in an era when so many conditions have become treatable. However, the popularity of drugs over other forms of treatment also carries certain risks for the pharmaceutical consumer.

When a pharmaceutical company, pharmacist, or doctor behaves negligently, innocent patients can be badly injured as a result. The Washington pharmaceutical error lawyers of Fuller & Fuller believe these patients should not have to shoulder the many burdens of recovering from a medication error. To learn how we can help victims of pharmaceutical mistakes, call our offices at 800-570-4878.

Cases We Handle

Pharmaceutical errors occur in many different ways. All of them can have tragic consequences, and none of them are excusable. Our team of experienced Washington pharmaceutical error lawyers is ready to help if you have been injured by:

Innocent patients can suffer life-long health complications following pharmaceutical mistakes like these. At the offices of the Washington pharmaceutical error attorneys of Fuller & Fuller, we are fully committed to alleviating some of this harm for as many people as we can.

Determining Responsibility

Responsibility for a medication error can rest with one or more parties, depending on the case. For example, a doctor may be responsible for prescribing a certain drug for a condition it is not intended to treat. However, if a doctor prescribes a drug in good faith, and the drug turns out to be dangerously flawed, responsibility instead lies with the pharmaceutical company.

Because this area of law is so complex, building a solid legal case requires the input of a highly knowledgeable Washington pharmaceutical error attorney.

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